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Total Entertainment

CJES ENTERTAINMENT provides comprehensive services, including star entertainment, contents planning, new star recruitment and performing businesses, aiming to become a leading comprehensive entertainment company that goes beyond Asia and over to the international markets. Based on the sound promotion of Korean Wave contents and the emergence of new converged media technologies and contents, we are developing and implementing high-quality star marketing businesses.

Since its founding in December 2009, CJES ENTERTAINMENT has a total of 80 employees working in the management system part and the travel business part, including the Management Business Division, Contents Planning & Media Division, the Overseas Performance Business Division, the Recording Business Division, the Media & Marketing Division, the Advertising Division, the Finance & Accounting Division, the MD Business Division, the Design Division and the Scenario Analysis Division.

In 2014, we recorded revenue of KRW 59 billion, and currently we are striving to develop global models as well as produce dramas and performances through our affiliates, including CJES CULTURE, CJES PRODUCTION AND CJES MODEL EDITION.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the below e-mail address. webmaster@cjes.co.kr
culture C-JeS CULTURE
CJES CULTURE is a top performance and arts production company in Korea. In addition to planning and producing performances in various genres, we will work towards expanding the musical infrastructure and fostering the next-generation actors and actresses. Also, we will become a leading global production company by adopting the new media contents and establishing a well-organized system.
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production C-JeS PRODUCTION
CJES PRODUCTION is a leading contents production company set up for CJES ENTERTAINMENT’s drama production businesses. Based on our experiences in providing comprehensive entertainment services and taking part in producing numerous dramas, we will create synergies with CJES ENTERTAINMENT to acquire global competitiveness as a comprehensive contents producer equipped with a perfect system not only for production, but also for contents planning and production, publication rights in international markets, PPL (product placement advertisement) and broadcasting marketing. Site Go