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From C-Jes entertainment 2012-08-04


JunSu Asia Tour concert Hong Kong canceled due to failure to operational planning items of the agency. C-Jes entertainment put every effort to make it possible till today. It could make this situation worse if we enforce to progress formal plan.

We are very sorry and we will make the HK agency to compensate any damage of fan.

The agency will appreciate their responsibility and notice apology on the homepage. C-Jes entertainment will take legal action regarding this un-fulfillment of contract.

The agency will make compensation any indemnify.
You can contact and discuss with them. (Contact info below)

Homepage: http://weibo.com/u/2411659565

For now, C-Jes entertainment is trying to hold the concert in August. Next Tuesday we will re-inform about the Hongkong concert schedule

Thank you for understanding we are very sorry for this situation again.

Thank you.