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Kim Jaejoong Global chatting information 2013-11-04

A very special time with Jaejoong! Chatting live with fans from all over the world!
For 1 hour, JaeJoong will be running live chat sessions with translations in Turkish, Spanish and English.
Date: 2013. 11. 7. Midnight (Korea Time)
Language: Turkish, Spanish and English.
How to?
1. 30 min before the chatting with Jaejoong, JYJ Line official account(English) will be activated
-Send a question, picture and video!
2. When the chatting starts, JaeJoong answers your question and also 'ask' you a question in return!!
3. You are not a big fan of the chatting? Don’t worry! Jaejoong will post the pictures and videos in the chatting room taken while he chats. You don’t bother to type!
Come and join! It will be super fun!!