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2014 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK 2014-06-05
 2014 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK has become bigger and fancier!!

July 2014, <JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK> is coming back.

There'll be meaningful moment in <JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK> by bringing back precious memories to you all fans, introducing new JYJ's album and having a conversation about the past, the present and the future with JYJ.

In addition, we have provided more spacious space for the exhibition so more fans could join together.
We expect your support with a keen interest.

1) When : 31st July 2014(Thu) ~ 3rd Aug 2014(Sun), 4days

2) Where : Whole C & D hall, 3rd floor COEX (Seoul-Si Gangnam-Gu Samseong-Dong Coex Trade center)

3) Who to participate
- Exhibition : Anyone who's regular member to C-JeS Membership (Application for subscription is no needed) Addmission to the exhibition will be by being a regular member to C-JeS Membership by the date of the exhibition.
- Fan meeting : Regular members to C-JeS Membership (Winners among regular members
  by 31st July 2014 who have participated in the Event)
  When : 3rd Aug 2014(Sun)
  Participation duration : 1st July 2014(Tue) ~ 13th July 2014(Sun)
  Announcement of the winner : 16th July 2014(Wed)

4) Please excuse
- Anyone who's regular member to C-JeS Membership, application for subscription is no needed
- Owing to unavoidable circumstances(limited seats and smooth operation), only selected winners who have participated in the event among regular members are allowed for the entry to the fan meeting
- Fan meeting DVD will be given out to regular member who were not selected in the event to the fan meeting

*Schedule above could be changed without notice under unavoidable circumstances
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