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Article 1 Purpose
The agreement aims to stipulate rights and responsibilities of C-Jes Entertainment (hereafter referred to as “the company”) and members in accessing paid contents among online-related services (hereafter referred to as the “service”) provided by the company including membership and cybermall.

Article 2 Definitions
Terms used by the agreement are defined as the followings.
① The service refers to a wide range of services offered by and related to C-Jes regardless of user platforms (wired and wireless devices such as PC, TV and mobile) that the member may use.
② The member refers to a customer who accesses the company’s service, consents to the user agreement for the paid services and uses the service provided by the company.
③ ID refers to a combination of characters and numbers created by the member and approved by the company in order to identify the member and grant access to the service.
④ Password refers to a combination of characters or numbers created by the member to verify if the user corresponds to the given ID holder and to protect privacy. 
⑤ The paid service refers to various online digital contents (including information contents, video clips and other various paid contents) offered by the company at a given cost and other related services.
⑥ The postings refers to texts, pictures and video uploaded on the service by the member in the form of information such as symbols, characters, voice, sound, and video clips. They also include files and links.
⑦ The cancellation of membership refers to the member’s termination of the contract on the services offered by the company.   

Article 3 Entry into Force and Revisions
① The agreement shall come into effect when informed on the website or notified to the member via e-mails or other means.
② In case important cases arise, the company may amend the agreement without prior notice. The revised agreement shall come into effect once informed or notified, in the same manner as ①.
③ Should the member do not agree to the revisions, the member may request for membership withdrawal. If the member continues to use the service after the effective date of the revised agreement, the revised terms are deemed agreed. 

Article 4 Working Rules
The agreement shall be applied along with the instructions on each service offered by the company (hereafter referred to as “the instruction for individual services).
Matters not specified in the agreement are subject to relevant laws and regulations and in accordance with the instruction for individual services.

Article 5 Postings Details about Paid Contents
① The company shall indicate the followings clearly for the members on the start page of the paid contents.
1) Name or title of the paid service
2) Name, address and phone number of the creator (or company) of the paid contents
3) Description, usage, fee and other terms and conditions of the paid service

Article 6 Enforcement of Service Contract
① The member shall sign up for the user service in the following or a similar manner. Prior to the contract, the company shall provide information on the followings to enable the member to clearly understand and make transactions without any errors or mistakes.
1) Review and select the paid contents
2) Consent to the user agreement
3) Select payment method and input information required for payment
4) Confirm subscription request to the paid service and consent to confirmation by the company
② The company may reject or suspend the service request on any of the following grounds.
	1) Use false or someone else’s names illegally
2) Input false information fail to fill in the fields required by the company. 
3) Minors under 20 fail to obtain consent from legal representatives such as parents 
4) Fail to complete payment transaction
5) Devices fail to accommodate the provided service or experience technical or other related faults
③ User contract is enforced when the texts ‘successfully subscribed’ and ‘transaction completed’ appear during the sign-up process. 
④ The member shall consent to the agreement and pay fee in accordance with the terms and conditions attached to each service in order to gain access to the paid contents. The paid service shall be available for one year from the date of subscription.

Article 7 Method of Payment
Payment for the paid service shall be made in one of the following methods. The company shall not charge any extra fee regardless of the member’s preferred method.
1) Account transfer via telephone, internet and e-mail banking
2) Card payment via pre-paid, debit and credit card
3) Wire transfer

 Article 8 Provision and Termination of Paid Service
① The company shall provide the following services to the member.
1) Bulletin board (announcements, artists calendar and other information)
2) Multimedia (pictures, video clips)
3) Extra membership-only contents designed by the company or other services available to the members via partnership with third-party firms.
② The company may divide the service into individual sectors and designate hours of access for each. In such case, prior notice shall be given.
③ User contract is enforced when the texts ‘successfully subscribed’ and ‘transaction completed’ appear during the sign-up process. In case of maintenance, repair, failure and connection loss of telecommunication equipment or considerable drawbacks in operation, the company may temporarily suspend the provision of the service. In such case, the company shall inform the member via e-mail or website. Should the company fail to notify in advance under unavoidable circumstances, it may do so afterwards.
④ The company may be entitled to regular maintenance checks when deemed necessary for provision of the service and the maintenance schedule shall follow what has been announced on the service page.
⑤ When the paid service may not be available upon change or relinquishment of business, the company shall notify the member via e-mail and make compensations as per terms and conditions specified by the company.

Article 9 Protection of Personal Information
① The company shall pay effort to protect the member’s personal information as stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations such as the Information and Communication Network Law. Collected information shall be protected and used in accordance with the relevant laws and the company’s Personal Information Protection Policy

Article 10 Revisions in User Contract
① The member may have access to or modify one’s personal information at any given time by managing the personal profile. 
② If information collected on initial subscription request is subject to changes, the member shall modify the details online. The member shall be responsible for any problem that arises due to failure to make such modifications. 
③ If the member wishes to terminate the user contract, membership cancellation is permitted within 7 days after the enforcement of the contract.  The cancellation is immediately granted at the request of the member via My Page and the personal information shall be instantly discarded.
④ Access to the company’s paid contents shall be restricted immediately after the membership cancellation. Refund request for the paid service shall proceed as follows:
1) Cancellation request made within 3 days after the service subscription:
Membership withdrawal → company confirms the cancellation
→ refund made on the following day 
2) Cancellation request made within 4 to 7 days after the service subscription
Membership withdrawal → company confirms the cancellation
→ copy of bankbook submitted (by the member) 
→ refund made within 14 days after the document receipt is confirmed

Article 11 Responsibilities of Company
① The company shall grant the member access to the service on the date that subscription request is made unless there are special concerns.
② The company shall continuously seek to provide and maintain stable service as stipulated on the agreement. Should there be any equipment failure, the company shall promptly make repairs. However, the company may temporarily suspend or break the use of the service in case of natural disaster, emergency and other unavoidable conditions
③ When the user complaint or feedback filed in the prescribed manner is deemed fair, the company shall address the matter in due procedure. If the issue requires reasonable amount of time to resolve, the member shall be informed of the reason and timeline.
④ The company shall work towards user convenience in terms of process and contents of the user agreement including the sign-up, revisions and termination of the service.

Article 12 Responsibilities of Member
① The member shall comply with the terms mandated by the agreement and service instructions and warnings announced or notified by the company and shall not engage in any activities that may hinder the company’s service.
② The member shall be solely liable for ID and password and exclusively responsible for any consequences caused by mismanagement and misuse of the given ID and password.
③ In case the misuse of one’s ID or password is detected, the member shall immediately report to the company. The member shall be held liable for any consequences caused by failure to do so.
④ The member shall comply with the terms on the limited service which the company announces on bulletin board or notifies on individual basis.
⑤ The member may not engage in business activities while accessing the service or the paid service without prior consent from the company. The company shall not be held accountable for any consequences incurred as a result of the member’s engagement in illegal business activities in breach of the agreement. Should the company suffer a loss as a result of such practice, the member is liable to the company for the damage.
⑥ The member may not assign or transfer any rights or positions to use the service to others without explicit consent by the company. The rights and positions may not be handed over as collateral. 
⑦ In regards to the use of the service, the member may not engage in any of the following actions.
	1) Illegally use someone else’s identity such as ID, password and Resident Registration Number
	2) Reproduce, publish, broadcast or provide to the third party with information obtained through the service for non-membership purpose without prior consent by the company.
	3) Disseminate contents which violate patents, trademarks, business proprietary information and other intellectual property rights to a third party via postings or e-mails. 
	4) Disseminate obscene and graphic contents which undermine public order and morals to a third party in the form of data, phrase and figure via transmission, postings or e-mails.
	5) Disseminate insulting or intimidating contents which violate privacy of the individuals concerned to a third party via transmission, postings, or e-mails.
	6) Any act that may be associated with crime from an objective point of view
	7) Collect and save a third user’s personal information without consent from the company
	8) Infringe on the company’s rights including copyrights and neighboring copyrights and intellectual property rights
	9) Infringe on the rights of the artists represented by the company including portrait rights and neighboring copyrights
	10) Infringe on the rights of a third party including copyrights, neighboring copyrights and intellectual property rights
11) Other actions in violation of the related laws and regulations
⑧ The member consents to the reception of e-mail notifications from the company which constitutes part of the service upon joining the membership. Should the member desire to opt out of the mailing list, the member can express such intentions via the service or e-mail. The company shall suspend the mailing service in accordance with the will of the member.
Article 13 Revocation of Offer
① The company can revoke its offer within 7 days of the notification of reception from the date when a purchase contract is signed. 
② The member cannot request for return or exchange after reception of goods in the following cases. 
1) where the member is responsible for loss or damage of goods (except in case where the member tears packaging in order to check contents)
2) where the value of goods is depreciated to a significant extent due to use or partial consumption of goods by the member
3) where the value of goods is depreciated to a significant extent over time as to make resale of the goods in question implausible
 4) where goods can be replicated and packaging of original goods are damaged 
③ Notwithstanding the Clause 1 and 2, the member can revoke an offer within 30 months from the date when he or she received goods or within 30 days from the date when he or she is or may aware of the fact that goods delivered are different from what is advertised or promoted or that contracts are not executed as promised. 

Article 14 Implications of Revocation of Offer
The company shall refund payments to the member within 3 days from the reception of returned goods. In case where the company delays in making refunds to the member, the company shall pay the member interest applicable for the period of delay by applying interest rate for delayed payment designated by Korea Fair Trade Commission.
In making refunds to the member, the company shall, without any delay, request payment service providers to stop or cancel billing the member when the payments for goods are made via credit card or real-time transfer.
Should an offer be revoked, the member shall be responsible for delivery charges for returning goods. The company shall not request penalty or compensation for reasons including revocation of an offer. However, the company shall be responsible for delivery charges for returning goods in case where the member revokes an offer on the grounds that goods delivered are different from what is advertised or promoted or that contracts are not executed as promised.
When the company has covered delivery charges for goods, the company shall clearly identify who is responsible for the expense in case where an offer is revoked. 

Article 15 Copyright of Postings
The member is entitled with copyright of his or her own postings on the service.
The company shall obtain consent from the member via phone, fax, e-mail or other communication channels prior to using the member’s postings. 

Article 16 Management of Postings
In case where the member’s postings contain information which violates the related regulations including the Information and Communication Network Law or the Copyright Act, a right holder can request the member to stop or delete postings in accordance with appropriate procedures stipulated in the related regulations, and the company shall take action in compliance with the related regulations.
In case where there are justifiable reasons or postings violates internal policies or the related regulations, the company can take temporary measures in accordance with the related regulations even in the absence of the request of a right holder as specified in the previous clause.
Detailed procedure concerning the clause ② will be subject to the Request for Suspension of Postings determined by the company which falls within the range of the Information and Communication Network Law and the Copyright Act.

Article 17 Cancellation and Termination of Contracts 
The member can request for cancellation of service contracts through My Page menu or other means at any time. The company shall immediately address such request in accordance with the related regulations.
When the member terminates contracts, all personal information of the member shall be deleted except in case where they are stored in accordance with the related regulations and the Personal Information Protection Policy. 

Article 18 Limited Access
The company can gradually limit use of service of the member in case where the member violates due obligations under this agreement or hinders normal operation of the service. (ie. warning → temporary suspension → permanent suspension) 
The company can immediately suspend the membership permanently in case where the member steals identity or makes illegal payments from other’s account violating the Resident Registration Law, where the member offers illegal programs or disrupts operation violating the Copyright Act and the Protection Act of Computer Program," where the member engages in illegal communication or hacking violating the Information and Communication Network Law, where the member distributes malwares, where the member abuses authorized rights or violates the related regulations notwithstanding the previous clause. If the member is permanently suspended, any mileage or benefits that are accumulated through use of the service will be nullified. Should such an event occur, the company shall not provide compensation.
The company shall notify the member via e-mail in case it decides to limit use of service or cancel contracts in accordance with this Article.
Should the aforementioned events occur, the member can file complaints in accordance with the procedures predetermined by the company. If claims are deemed justifiable by the company, the company shall immediately resume the service. 

Article 19 Limited Liability
The company shall be absolved from its obligations to provide the service when it failed to do so due to natural disasters or other emergencies beyond its control.    
The company shall not be held accountable for any service disruptions when the fault lies with the member.
The company shall not be held accountable for information, data, credibility or accuracy of facts and relevant information posted in relation to the service.
The company shall be absolved from its obligations if transactions or exchanges are executed concerning the service between the members or between the member and a third party.     
The company shall be held accountable for its free service in the absence of specific provisions in the related laws. 

Article 20 Governing Law and Judicial Jurisdiction
Litigation between the company and the member shall be governed by laws of the Republic of Korea.
The company and the member consent to the relevant jurisdiction in accordance with the Civil Law for all disputes.

[Supplementary Clauses]
This service agreement enters into force upon official announcement.  
(Enforcement Date) This service agreement enters into force on February 14, 2011.